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Default introspection


I’ll finish with the guitar mods and then get into the introspective discipline. You get a new guitar and become a new player. This is good all way around.

In honesty, I’ve left behind me a lot of successful guitar mods, but fewer successful people mods, because taking a cognitive hyperleap requires a lot of rough internal work. Success and an outrageous outcome is assured because what you will get is science and there is a predetermined outcome to the process. Creative and intuitional insights flow like honey, but getting there can put you thru some fast and serious changes, not all happy ones. Emptying out ghosts and rubble from the subconscious can get scary and uncomfortable at first. We leave behind the weight that was dragging everything down, but old habits and ways of looking at the world don't go down easy. Increased health, creativity, intelligence, and regaining a child's ability to just have fun in life are on the other side of the quest..

Complete discipline is required, regardless what the process feels like it’s doing for the first few weeks or months. After you've beaten yourself into clarity, a high is produced that is greater than any drug you can put in your body (and I’ve probably done them all and a few more). So, there’s an ultimate, raging high to be had, any time, any place and for free. Control over autonomic processes will be such that you will shift metabolic gears and gain the revitalization of several hours sleep in a few minutes.

I found out that this was possible in a lab environment 35 years ago, and chased the swami gurus all over the world to be able to learn what they knew and get their abilities.

My buddy Claw went thru his own hell on this side of the planet and got to virtually the same technologies but by an entirely different pathway.

Maybe the best for right now is for me to search thru the 3.5 floppies and post his introduction. You can read thru and I can direct to the high points. This is absolute revolutionary info, making the point that we are not stuck with what we were given by birth, and backing up the claim with methodology. I’ll then go thru my variant on the technologies of the ancient heathens, step by step in detail so that all may have the tools for individual rebirth in their possession.

You guys want to get high, REAL high? You’re in the right place.

Best to all,
John K

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