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Got to agree that this is insane and if folks want to explore inner space, it will get a lot more insaner. What I want to pass the torch on about is transformation. The guitar can be modified to get ethereal sounds way beyond the stock setup, because the potential was there all the time, just in an unmanifest state. It took the application of some rational steps to get to the extended possibilities. Anyone who has pulled off the guitar mod can tell you how the before and after compared.

Same is even more radical with the human condition. Under normal circumstances, dormant creative insight remains buried and chained. If we’re lucky enough, some will trickle to the surface here and there over a lifetime and we can get a couple tunes or oil paintings out of it. There are methodologies to roll the stone away from the portal and free up the hidden resources. It's there all the time, just buried under psychic rubble. Our moms and dads, our school teachers didn’t know about this, so we never got a chance to learn.

Takes a serious commitment of about an hour a day practice, direct application of sublime science. Mental stability can be weakened a bit for several months as the individual adjusts to new energies, so there are dangers…just a heads up warning.

Definitely more on this if even one person is interested.

Best to all,
John K
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