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Originally Posted by J Kennedy View Post
Let me know if the scematics were not up to speed also.
Oh, they are just fine for me. I like those had drawn ones sometimes better, they literally give some personal touch into these subjects.

The only problem I had was that I have already amassed quite a lot of knowledge about all this, in it's own "left brain" language and way. You are sharing from the experience, and I love the storytelling style you have....but somehow the more intuitional, free flowing right brain stuff seemed to mix in a funny way with the things already categorized in my head.

I was already going to reply to this thread earlier on, when you asked where to get the replacement magnets for the pickups, but
felt that this story was unfolding in mysterious ways. I collected couple of old nuggets to share, but you have found one good supplier already. Here's some options anyway, just in case.

The old guitar builders favorite, Stewart-MacDonald:

They have some basic info also:


More basics from GuitarNuts

And another specialty of theirs, wiring and shielding:


And yet more information, this one about Vintage Fender pickups, like touched on this topic.

Still wanting to go deeper? Seymour Duncan should be a familiar name to anybody interested in guitar pickups, and Seymour's Q & A pages sure have a massive wealth of information on anything and everything about pickups.


But all the above is just the usual boring stuff, and you JK know this stuff through your experiences. That's what I like about this thread, so please do continue.
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