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Originally Posted by s wave View Post
Yea can be quirky... I think the key might be using them on 'lanes' not direct to CPU. Just guessing.
I read one guy with an RME card say it worked perfectly, but with fewer tracks, so there must be a hit in the translation. Others mentioned it needing to be on it's own IRQ and not sharing with anything.

I'm pretty convinced after messing around with my new USB audio interface that I will be no longer tied to PCI slots. They were being phased out when I built my DAW in 2009, but you can still get boards with them native. You can even get AM4 boards with two PCI slots like this one, but they'd be last gen stuff.

The new Asus boards have no PCI slots on any version, but were made specifically to support the 3000 series Ryzen so they may support stuff that older boards won't.
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