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Default Anybody using a Ryzen?

I'm thinking about building a new DAW and considering going with an AMD processor for the first time since building a machine based on an AMD 5x86 back in 1998.

Thirty or so Intel based machines since then (I built all my own home machines plus all the networked machines at the office I where worked) and I'm thinking about doing an AMD again, but not because someone gave me a CPU they thought was bad this time. I'm just getting sick of seeing new "speculative execution" vulnerabilities being discovered for Intel CPUs that are not present on AMD silicon.

I hear the 3rd generation Ryzens are coming out next month and I've been sort of toying with the idea of building myself a new DAW based on an 8 core Ryzen 7 3700X. So is anybody here running a Ryzen based DAW in Linux, and if so are there any big positive or negative things to be aware of?
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