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Originally Posted by sws View Post
Banned, very happy you got it to work. CR vs LF vs CRLF shouldn't matter, *I think*. I have very loose plans to make a GUI for that at some point. At the moment, too busy with family and moving the studio.
No hurries, enjoy the family time, and let us know if you need to get rid of some old gear! I just hope we can prevent others going down this path from a similar frustrating experience. I guess it has to do with the encoding rather than the line endings, but that still does not explain the thing with adding the extension manually.

Anyway, the SWS dylib does seem to load its .ini files just fine, so perhaps you could reuse some file handling routine from a different part of your code? (Also, renaming the .txt extension to .ini would be more consistent).
Originally Posted by sws View Post
As for the action IDs changing that really shouldn't cause much trouble... why is it troublesome for you, perhaps I can help? Key/MIDI bindings are stored by the command string, and you should really be using the same string from ReaScript.
Yeah, I know (see also here). But I'm not using ReaScript but OSC atm. For the purpose of triggering actions using OSC messages, actions are triggered referring to the action ID directly (e.g. "/action 12345"), and I don't see how I can dynamically check for the action ID of a specific action by its name.

To be clear, this issue is completely distinct from the one I reported here involving the SWS extension, and using toolbar buttons (which have fixed action IDs) instead of triggering the custom actions directly seems to provide a practical workaround for the time being. I'd still be happy to hear any suggestions for other solutions to this specific problem, of course.
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