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Originally Posted by Mercado_Negro View Post
Do you know what's hilarious? Toolbar behaves like any window: 'ESC' key closes it....


This defeats the purpose imo:
Totally agree and have mentioned this before....

for me this especially a PITA in workflow like this:

I have a floating TB for working with env. and points... it does many things quickly with points...

so imagine having an env. open and using this toolbar to alter point shape, etc. and also having a time selection active... so I'm working away on the env. using the toolbar and want to remove the time selection and hit esc... since at that moment the toolbar has focus, it vanishes... hitting esc again removes the time selection since now the main window has focus...

just a minor PITA.. but it would be MUCH better if the floating toolbars were not affected by the esc key at all. I have an icon the my main toolbar to hide\show them and that should be plenty.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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