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NAS, carbon, EvilDragon: very, Very cool stuff here! Thanks!!

EvilDragon, I guess you need reaScript 'cause you don't have action(s) like "Set selected track AND/OR item to custom color x", right?
Did Mario already entered an "issue" for that ?
[edit] a standard macro can do the job, no?
[edit2] ok, forget it! Just seen some of the previous posts..

Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Could you also explain the assignment of each icon, if you can spare the time?
Yes! Mercado_Negro, you cannot chime in like that: "hey, all! look at my amazing toolbar" and silently disapear.. That's just impossible!
Just in order to spare your time, perharps you could just post a download link of the whole stuff

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