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Default A little help from my friends

Originally Posted by sws View Post
Doh. Commas are supposed to work, but I broke that at some point. Fixing for next build.

FYI it's of the form <Command>TrackID,TrackID,TrackID where track ID can be a number (1), a range (1-10), an exact name (Guitar), or a filter (*synth*). E.g. S*synth*,*atlantis*,*moog*,*roland*.
I'm not able to get this one working

S*Kick*,*Snare*,*Tom*,*Crash*,*Ride*,*Hihat*,*HH*, *Sn*,*Rd*,*Cr*

Also tried just

It only wants to pull up last in the list.

Heres the keymap. I'm pretty sure I followed directions
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