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Originally Posted by -R- View Post
-In what format should the final product be?(separate files, specific extension, etc...)
Custom files goes into the reaper_www_root subdirectory in the resource directory. Currently, only .htm*, .js, .css, .jpg, .png, .gif, .txt, .xml and .svg (case insensitive) are served with the correct mime type. Everything else is sent as application/octet-stream. Otherwise there are no enforced file format rules.

Originally Posted by -R- View Post
-How to make it available from your phone/tablet?
Nothing REAPER-specific.

Originally Posted by -R- View Post
-Are all reaper control/actions avaible for control in your web interface?
All main section actions (including custom actions and scripts) are available from web interfaces. There are also endpoints for getting/setting information in/out of REAPER. They are documented in main.js at the root.

main.js contains the documentation and a basic library for communicating with REAPER. You can use it or write your own.

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