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Yeah, I don't do high falootin stuff with scene changes, running lights from MIDI triggers, replacing drums live with MIDI triggering, or any of the karaoke stuff with backing tracks.

I just use it as a basic mixing board that magically lets me bring home multitrack of every show. That is getting few and far between nowadays as I'm pretty burnt on live sound work. But Reaper as FOH definitely made things easier and more powerful for me and I wouldn't think of using anything else for a quick small or medium sized gig.

You really need to set up at home and shake the system down when doing this. Again, don't start with an interface that you need to push the system block size down to 64 samples to even use if live sound is your goal. Rehearse setting up. Rehearse disaster scenarios for different pieces of gear going down.

I'm not going to lie. An analog mixing board is inherently intuitive. The controls are right there under your fingers. Complex things like computers that would immediately turn into a paper weight if something went wrong can put you off. But the payoff for the extended abilities can be worth it.
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