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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
There are a few here who exclusively use it for fairly complex live mixing FWIW as in Reaper being the PA, amp sims, monitors, and live show recorder etc. Serr and Aschat come to mind. Looks like Serr has already chimed in though. It's not something I care to do but for quite a few it seems fine.
I do use Reaper for live mixes, and it works fine (would work better if I actually set up a hardware controller) but I don't do much of that fancy scene switching stuff. My bands haven't needed it, and when I'm mixing other people it's not much more than a mixer with some EQ and compression.

I think things start to get awkward fast if you want to have everything change for every song with different backing tracks and FX chains and tempo changes, but want to be able to jump between them on the fly.

Honestly, i think the only way to know if your system will be able to keep up is to try it. Set it up with all the tracks and plugs and routing that you think you're going to need, and then let it run. Ideally you'd actually have some signal input to all the different inputs at once. Then watch the Performance Meter and listen for crackles and glitches.
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