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Originally Posted by BlackScreen View Post
I will test the round trip latency thorougly before the production, of course.
I am aiming for 64 or 128 samples. I am not planning on using too much plugins with big latency - simple EQ and Comp probably and 2-4 FX channels with reverb, delay or something like that.
I have the mid 2012 MBP with a SSD, so this should probably work well.
My comment would be to NOT entertain the idea that an interface that requires a 64 sample block size to achieve < 11ms round trip latency would be an OK aim.

If live use is going to be the thing, you don't want to start with the system pushed to the top of its headroom just for normal operation. If you can get 11ms latency with a 128 sample block size, you'll have headroom for anything and everything that may ever come up and you'll be bringing home full multitrack recordings from every show to boot.

Now that RME unit is almost certainly in the club. Measure it to be sure though.
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