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Originally Posted by serr View Post
My question would be can you achieve < 11ms round trip latency at a block size of 128 samples? If you can do that with that interface you're golden. If you have to lower the block size to 64 samples to achieve 11ms or less, you might be pushing it for how much CPU headroom is left for plugins.
I will test the round trip latency thorougly before the production, of course.
I am aiming for 64 or 128 samples. I am not planning on using too much plugins with big latency - simple EQ and Comp probably and 2-4 FX channels with reverb, delay or something like that.
I have the mid 2012 MBP with a SSD, so this should probably work well.

Originally Posted by Gass n Klang View Post
I tried that for 2 years now with my acappella band. Used a x32 with 8 Inputs, internal EQ and compression and sent the signals pre fader to my laptop. For the faders I used my x32 as OSC controller but also gave MIDI a try.
Thank you for your experience. I am not planning on using any snapshots. One snapshot (or REAPER project if you will) with all settings for the whole show.
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