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I tried that for 2 years now with my acappella band. Used a x32 with 8 Inputs, internal EQ and compression and sent the signals pre fader to my laptop. For the faders I used my x32 as OSC controller but also gave MIDI a try.
It worked ok but never the way I wanted (ok, I had a very tricky setup with one project prr Song, many FX returns and so on).
I now switched to Bitwig for this purpose and cut the faderremote since this has always caused troubles or was very time consuming while programming the songs. If you don't use many scenes (I did that with markers and automations I jumped to) and dont want complicated things with fx modifiers and so on, it could work. If you wanna do fancy FX stuff, using many different settings (I had up to 200 for a show), I would recommend thinking about something different since Reaper isn't made for live use and probably never will be.
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