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Originally Posted by BlackScreen View Post
Hey there,

I have read about using REAPER as a live mixing console.
I would like to try just that. I have an upcoming musical production with about 32 channels inputs.
Would my MacBook Pro from 2012 be able to handle this with 64 samples?
I am using my RME HDSPe MADI in the Sonnet Echo Express SE I.
What would I need to do to optimize my MacBook to use in live conditions?

Could I use my Yamaha 01V96 as a controller for REAPER?
I have read that it is not easy to use the 01V96 - is it at all possible?

Thank you very much for your answers!

Kind regards
My question would be can you achieve < 11ms round trip latency at a block size of 128 samples? If you can do that with that interface you're golden. If you have to lower the block size to 64 samples to achieve 11ms or less, you might be pushing it for how much CPU headroom is left for plugins.

Put a SSD in that machine if you haven't already.

For an example, I can run 36 channels of input with my now older late 2008 C2D MBP and the MOTU interfaces I use let me get under 11ms with a 128 sample block size. It just works. I can put SSL channel strip plugins on every track and I have a few verbs and delays up too. And I can record the raw multitrack while mixing. Even the lower end mid 2012 MBP with a SSD should run circles around that. The mid 2012 MBP is still currently the flagship MBP model.

Not sure about using the Yamaha for a control surface. I think so?
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