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Originally Posted by Serendipity
I have this problem as well.
EZdrummer is the ONLY drumplug I use so please fix this soon! Or maybe it's something Toontrack has to deal with?

Hey Serendipity, I think I found the secret handshake to get the EZD and probably other drum samplers, like BFD, to autoload, in Reaper.

Check this out:

1)Create a new Reaper project
2)Ctrl + T create a new track
3)Extend the bottom, of the track, so you see the meter
4)Click the "Cycle Input Monitoring Mode" to "On". Just click once.
5)Click the "Rec In" button and select "Record: Disble(input monitoring only)"
6) Arm the Track Record (So it turns RED)It should now say "Monitoring,not recording:", in the meter box.
7) Click the "FX" button to bring up the Plugin Chooser
8) Double click on "Dfh Sampler"

The EZD GUI will appear and the default drum kit will autoload, in seconds!


One Caveat:

It seems the track record button needs to be enabled, in order to auto-load the samples and/or audition the kit and MIDI files. It would be nice not to have to enable the track "Record" button, in order to audition the EZD though. I have not figured a way around that. Only host that I know of that requires that.

Also, in this configuration, if you save a project with the EZD VSTi plugin shell open and then open the saved project later, it will auto load, for you too. Otherwise, you will need to first click the "FX" button to open the EZD GUI.

I like the way I can drag & drop my ToonTrack & Groove Monkey EZD MIDI drum files, onto the Reaper timeline drum track, from the Groove Librarian and they automatically become loopable and auto adjust and align perfectly to the measure, to whatever tempo I have the project set at. Just point, click & drag, dang it really is that EZ!


Billy Buck

P.S. I swapped out the drums, with EZD, in the "Look & Feel" Reaper demo, now the drums sound BRW! (Big, Real & Wicked!)

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