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Default VSTI tests

I have used these days to test most of the VST instruments that are in my folder. Most of them are free ones and are widely used in today's audio hosts. My approach was to try every control, automating, midi note sending (no midi cc because of limited possibilities in this area for now) and saving plugin state in song. Last part proved most problematic for most plugins. Of course, some issues here may be a specific problem of that particular vsti. Tested with a version 0.976

rumperlaush taips AZR3 - works, selected preset saved (not bank)
computer music cm505 - no internal routings saved
computer music sr202 - crashes reaper
cableguy curve - doesen't save presets
reFX claw - works, just selected preset saved
big tick cheese machine - works, only selected preset state saved
green oak crystal - works, only selected preset state saved
cyberfree - works
andreas errson ersdrums - works, only selected preset saved
hercs music system abakos - works
helios - works
cutevst hexter - works
bojo software impulse - works, selected preset
jxplugins jx220 and jxsynth - works, only selected preset saved
karmafx synth - works
andreas errson lazysnake - works, default preset saved
livelab liveslice -works, no wavs or presets saved
neXoft loopAZoid - unpredictable behavior, works only in compatibility mode, but sometimes doesen't receive midi notes correctly
mysteron - works, selected preset saved
empty square NuBiLE - works, selected preset saved
fuzzpilz oatmeal - works, selected preset saved
bojo software organ one - works, selected preset saved
tobybear screamer - works, just selected preset saved
fragile audio shiver - works, selected preset saved
daichi synth1 (vst, dx)- works
anti taurus - works, selected preset saved
bigtick tickyklaw - works, selected preset saved
rgc:audio triangle 2 - works, selected preset saved
arguru voyager - works, selected preset saved
creakbox bassline - works
mda instruments (dx10, jx10, piano and epiano) - works, selected preset saved
andreas errson polyblit - works, just selected preset saved
rgc: audiosoftware sfz - works, just first preset saves state of plugin
vember|audio shortcircuitfree - works, forgets wavs on first save
ian webster gargoyle - works - selected preset saved

conclusion is simple: full bank save support isn't working at all in reaper in current version for any vsti that doesen't have it's own system for saving and loading presets. Plugins with this feature are Abakos, Synth1 and Karmasynth.
Most of other instruments work fine if you are using only one preset, but problems start when you have to works with two or more preset in same vsti instance, or when plugin use presets for storing different information needed for plugin operation (liveslice). Of course, one preset plugins works as expected.

There are also problems in general when you must use right button in fx editing window, but thats the same with all fx for now.
I have just two sugestions: routing via mixer is to slow, because to route one vst to multiple outputs you have to click just too much times, and if that vsti have many outputs, you are in trouble. My idea is simple: i/o menu can stay selected until you are happy with your routings, or maybe holding ctrl or alt key can invoke that behaviour. Also, holding shift can select first to last clicked mixer destinations.
There is a problem with midi saving when exiting program. It should prompt if there are some unsaved midi edits.

(edit) best solution for using multiple presets is to use internal vst/vsti saving scheme in Reaper...

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