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Originally Posted by bobsled
Neither CyberFree nor Paax3 loaded samples via drag&drop, I hadn't actually tried either of those plugs in Reaper until now (for what it's worth).
Ok, so i'm not the only one.

Originally Posted by bobsled
What something in particular does CyberFree do for you in Reaper's environment? I didn't notice keyboard-split regions, stuff like that...much of the CyberFree GUI looked like stuff that I would be tweaking per sample just within Reaper. Just curious...and probably missing the obvious
Well, Cyber FREE is the only (with Iblit) plugin where Midi learn works in REaper, and it is very useful to define lowest note / highest note / root note, adn as a drumsampler, it is an awesome feature ! then you can layer samples, etc.
The ADSR envelopes and mod env are nice, it is low cpu, loads mono & stereo samples, etc.
You can put many samples (most drumsaplers - execept loopazoid- only accept 8 to 12 slots) ;
That makes enough reasons to me to wishs it work !
If Shortcircuit Free had more polyphony, Cyber FREE wouldn't have been needed, but at this stage, Cyber FREE looks like one of the best free drumsamplers at the moment.
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