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Originally Posted by krahosk View Post
Ready to pay for this.
What I need is a script that:

- displays a GUI of a fretboard (interactive);
- displays the corresponding note in the MIDI Editor when I click a specific fret
- assigns the note a MIDI channel between 1 and 6 according to the string

if possible:

- when I left click on the fretboard, the MIDI editor moves on the the following note;
- when I right click on the fretboard, the MIDI editor stays at the same time position

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That should be relatively easy with Lokasenna's GUI, using buttons for each function: reaper.MIDI_InsertNote( take, selected, muted, startppqpos, endppqpos, chan, pitch, vel, noSortIn )

You will have to explain more with the left/right click.

In the GUI's I made for ReaTrak it has buttons to move to next/previous bar/beat:

ReaTrakStudio Chord Track for Reaper forum
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