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So is this thread the place for requesting scripts? Sorry if it ain't, I usually take my time to read posts but today everything sucks. Whatever...

Some of you may have heard of this thing:

Which is kinda attractive to me but way too expensive, especially because I have 2 Audient interfaces (ID4 and ID14), each with a big knob that can work as a mousewheel. Combined with a finetuning modifier (sadly, that's not a standard for every plugin but I make do), I really like it but there's a catch: you still gotta move the mouse to get to the knob/fader/whatever and then, since you're already hurting your aching bones, just do the thing with the mousewheel. My tendinitis is really killing me, so I would worship anyone who could think of some way to move the cursor between parameters with the keyboard. I know there's a way to emulate a mouse with the keyboard but that's silly because it takes ages to go from one place to another, but if there was a way a script could know where on the screen parameters are when you have a plugin window focused, then you could use arrow keys to navigate the plugin and then the Audient knob to modify the parameter.

And yes, I know Kontakt has a gazillion parameters, I'm not thinking of that kind of plugins. Just simple mixing plugins with one window. I can already select tracks, modify volume and pan, bypass and open plugins and some other things without using the mouse, but as soon as I need to make a simple ReaEQ adjustment, my keyboard only utopia goes to ashes. This would be a killer script (awright, maybe just for me but a girl can dream!)
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