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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
A HUGE plus one for that. I am saving up my money for a TD12 and a VH11 hihat for exactly that reason.

And YES SD2 is by far the most responsive out of the 3rd party Kontakt kits, SD EZD AD, BFD Eco, Battery, Slate4, MDrummer, Volko Alaturq, which is all the drum romplers I own, for cymbals and Hihats.

thank you ivan.

do you know if BFD3 would work as good in this respect, as SD2?

and I checked out Analogue Drums a little. the first expansion I checked, said I needed full version Kontakt. its $399. I don't know that I'll ever be mixing horns (I think its awesome and amazing that you do. also saw in another thread that you teach Bass. man, you do it all!!)
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