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roger all of that.
thank you very much ivan.
listening now.
like it. alot.
is that you singing?
really cool song, man.

I think you're right. I am looking for positively best bang for my buck, super great sounds.
I somehow have it in my head, that the answer (for me), is BFD3.
but I am continuing to check youtube videos about BFD3 and Superior Drummer 2.0.

I am now sure that both are excellent. just gotta get as much info as I can, and then pick.
will check out Analogue Drums now too.

and I've heard it said that "you can't tune a fish",
but if you properly "tune a cat",
methinks it would make it easier to make a "cat"-chy tune.
oh, the things that amuse the simple wanna-be drummer's mind.......

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