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Hi chas51

Well, another on and off the wagon Drum VSTi junki here

I have Superoir 2.0, EZ Drummer 1 & 2 ( and EXpansion packs ), BFD Eco, Jamstix 3.?, Steven Slate drums 3.5, MT Power Drumkit as well as numerious other Sample sets mapped in either Kontakt or Shortcircuit.

I don't own an E-Kit but 2 of my friends do, one of which bought BFD 2.0 when it came out ( around the same time i got SD2.0 ) i remember he had all sorts of trouble getting BFD to work well with his Kit, Roland TD9 i think, anykow he ended up bringing his e-kit over and hooked it into my daw and used SD2.0 and it just worked, straight up no problems.
My other mate has had his TD12 kit here as well and we had zero problems with recording drums while monitoring through SD2.0.

I'm not trying to say SD2 is better than BFD, im sure there are many people using BFD and getting great results, i'm just sharing my experience with e-kits and BFD, SD2.

I use all the drum vsti i have at different times ( except Steven slate drums ) which is just not the sound i like, but i can say that about 80 - 90% of the time SD2.0 with one of the many EZX's SDX's i have will end up on the track.

If i had the benifit of hindsight right now and didn't own a drum VSTi i'd buy SD2.0, get some Expansion packs and forget about drum vsti

Also, i recently bought Aerodrums and i've been having a blast just messing around with that. I'm not a drummer either and l don't know if learning to play air drums is harder than real drums but either way hats off to all you hot drummers out there !!

" Serve the song "
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