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you rock bluzkat. hahahaha
thanks alot!!!
I have watched a couple videos. I will watch and listen to more.

ivan, thanks again. your comments are very helpful. roger all you said. looking at the EZX kits now too. what are your favorite EZX kits?
ok, thats a very strong vote for SD2.

but do you have any experience with BFD3?
could it be even better?
37 presets (which is what it comes with), if they're good, actually is probably plenty.
I looked over the Percussion Expansion set that comes with the current promotion.
it includes a Rubbermaid garbage can being struck with a soup ladle. hahahahaha.
you can listen to all the instruments in the kit on FXpansion's website.
anyway, continuing to read up and listen up to videos on both.
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