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Originally Posted by chas51 View Post
thank you to all who replied so far.
ReaDave, I am now thinking very seriously about getting Superior Drummer 2.0 with Expansion kits you posted.
I have a TD15KV, that I will be using with whatever VST I get.

would you please (if you feel like it), tell me a little more?

-can you possibly compare it to BFD3?
-with regards to Superior Drummer 2.0 Expansion choices: do you have any thoughts about the NY Legacy expansion?
I did pretty much the same thing you did as far as learning to play drums is concerned. I started with the TD12 module and a fairly basic setup and just played and played to learn and improve, having heaps of fun along the way.
As I went along, my kit somewhat expanded (slight understatement) and I went from custom module sounds to Superior Drummer II which I have been using now for a few years. I don't have the NY Legacy expansion. I have the NY Avatar kit which comes with SDII which is great and also have the aforementioned Custom and Vintage SDX which has some really nice snares, toms and ride cymbals and the Twisted EZX (lots of cool stuff in there).

I've also never used BFD3 but plenty of VDrummers use it successfully. I've just found that SDII works with minimal tweaking (you can get great results out of the box with a V kit), sounds great and is reliable and very configurable if you want to dig in and tweak things.
The most important things are that the hihats are super responsive in SDII and things like cymbal chokes work properly without needing to jump through hoops.

If you want to hear a couple of fairly elaborate tracks I've recorded using SDII, C&V SDX and my V Drums, there's two tracks on an album I'm still working on below. These tracks are a mix of prog rock, acoustic and Berlin 70's electronic with vintage synths, Hammond/Leslie cab, 30 piece choir (in Lion of Judah), vocoder (Lion of Judah), trumpet (Day of the LORD), electric and acoustic guitar, drums, bass and Yamaha acoustic grand piano (end of Lion of Judah). They are Christian tracks so be forewarned that there's plenty of stuff about God in the lyrics!!

The Day of the LORD - mp3 downloads
  • The Day of the LORD - V Drums start at 3:13
  • Lion of Judah - V Drums start at 4:06

and here's a photo of my kit at it's largest iteration:

and a recent scaled down version:

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