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Glad you found it helpful, guys.

Also . . . I edited my post above to mention that Room EQ Wizard is a free download (you have to register as a member of their forum, which is also free).

Just to add the obligatory caveat . . . Room EQ Wizard was actually developed for home theater types to help them use parametric EQ to *attempt* to address room modes, but it is important to understand that EQ is NOT appropriate way to deal with room modes for a number of reasons. I've made my points in the earlier linked post about why EQ is not appropriate or properly effective in addressing room modes, so I won't repeat it here!

But Room EQ Wizard DOES do a nice job of acoustics analysis, it's free, and it runs on Mac, PC and Linux, which is why I recommend it to people, and it also has a much nicer user interface and exponentially more user-friendly documentation than ETF.

Room EQ Wizard is indeed a *very* handy tool to have in the studio for numerous reasons.

And, among other things, you can also use it to make convolution impulses! (It even does the deconvolution for you, and all you have to do is export the impulse file as a .wav file.)
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