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Originally Posted by anytime732 View Post
ok so using this method above to make bass traps wouldnot work and would be a waist of time even if used in the way this pic show????
Yikes! That's not what I was saying at all! Of course it would help (though it will NOT cure ALL of your problems).

Basically, getting at least SOME bass trapping in your room is going to be a lot better than having none!!

Perhaps this statement was confusing:

Yes, it would (though it will decrease the performance) . . . but it also adds to the difficulty in constructing the trap -- cutting fiberglass and/or rockwool is messy, itchy stuff
What I meant by this is that cutting the panels down from a 24-inch width to a 20-inch width will give you less performance (and, to be honest, it probably won't save you that much space in the end). But even a 20-inch wide panel will certainly be better than NO panel there!
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