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Originally Posted by manning1 View Post
cos ive seen even good mixes break down on playing back on
junk speakers. which is unfortunately what a lot of consumers have.
Then they aren't good mixes. They are mixes that sound good on a particular set of speakers in a given room -- all of which is incredibly coloured if you don't have properly balanced acoustic treatment.

What most people do not seem to understand is that all rooms are essentially a filter . . . and especially small rooms . . . one big resonant comb filter.

in summary a v difficult topic to address with no perfect solution imho.
The only thing close to a perfect solution is a well balanced monitoring system with excellent, properly controlled acoustics (and believe me there are a good many studios, even multimillion dollar studios that are putting out major releases, that have less than optimal acoustics).

I do agree that it is very helpful to have a couple of options for checking your mixes on different systems. But proper acoustics treatment can indeed make this much less of an issue. With properly balanced acoustics, you will generally find that your mixes will translate much better, and you can get your mixes to that point much more quickly, with less running back and forth to the car, etc., than with less than optimal acoustics.
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