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ive been round the monitor issue too many times in my life.
soffits/desktops etc etc .
and i dont think there is a perfect solution no matter what one spends.
an engr in LA gave me the best advice cos i dont purport to be
a gold record mixer. as follows.
try to mix n check mixes on a variety of mediums.
earbuds/mono car speakers/home hifi's up to larger speakers if you can. and i feel he is right.
cos ive seen even good mixes break down on playing back on
junk speakers. which is unfortunately what a lot of consumers have. in summary a v difficult topic to address with no perfect solution imho.
my latest love for monitoring is a little curtis 20 buk
cd/radio/clock device to see if mixes dont work on it.

some people have told me thay like the new avantone brand for mixing. not exactly cheap but not very expensive. ITS A TOUGH TOPIC !
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