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THe difference between an audio recorded as a wave and the audio from a vst is that the vst has not been recorded as a wave yet. So, if you turn down the volume it will no longer clip.

A recording in wave form that is clipping contains the clipping in the recording. If you turn down the volume of the wave you will have a clipped sound playing back at lower volume.

The problem with giving numbers for compression is that the setting depend entirely on the source material.

The threshold you use depends on the volume of the signal coming into the compressor.

If one track has peaks at -6db and you set the threshold to -8db the comp will start to work whenever the level exceeds -8db so it will work on the peaks that go to -6.

If you use -8db for the threshold for a track that peaks at -10db the comp will never start working.

You need to do some reading about compression or you will never understand.
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