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Default v5.978 - May 10 2019

v5.978 - May 10 2019

+ ARA: improve drag and drop behavior when copying to other tracks
+ ARA: improve selection/undo history behavior when adding ARA plug-ins to existing FX chain [p=2131258]
+ Automation items: fix issues with bypass envelopes and PDC [t=220633]
+ Linux: implement memory use warnings, memory use in help text
+ Notation editor: improve phrase handling when some notes are filtered out [t=220652]
+ Theme: fix grid line draw mode loading/saving on macOS/Linux
+ VST: use VST3 enum steps for generic parameter UI
+ Windows: fix potential memory error when performance meter is open (thanks Gabriel Ivancescu)
+ linux: use realtime for reaper_host_xxx if REAPER running realtime
+ macOS: improve behavior when closing file/directory browse windows

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