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Default issue with cds burned from DDP file

Hi. I am having an issue where when I burn a CD from a DDP file in ddp to Cue Writer v6 (using the write DDP option) the CD does not work correctly past track 2. If you play the cd straight through it will play each track but the display will be stuck on track 2 (and track 2 text). If you try to skip tracks (either direction)it keeps going to track 2 or halfway through what it thinks is track two which is actually track 3. The MD5 check is good and the PQ sheet is correct.

Now if I use DDP to Cue Writer to export to cue/wav file and use imgburn with these files to burn an audio cd I get a CD that works correctly (all text displays correctly, you can skip tracks just fine, etc).

My main question is, if I send this DDP file to a pressing plant do they convert it to a cue/wav file or use some other process that will result in a correctly functioning CD? I'm concerned about getting back 1000 pressed cds that are flawed.

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