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Originally Posted by todd_r View Post
Hi, is there a way to update the FX columns after a new automation lane was added or do you have to close and re-open?
Added an auto-refresh when an FX track is added. Should now be immediate.

Originally Posted by todd_r View Post
Also is there any way you could rename the FX tracks, either getting the name directly from the automation track or manually entering it. I know there's not much room on the two character column, maybe as a hover over tooltip?
The name is in the lower left corner when your entry cursor is over it.

Originally Posted by hangnef View Post
Using this a lot of the past few days and having a lot of fun with it. One thing I noticed is that the Record state doesn't sync up with the Record enable outside of Reaper. If I have it enabled and then launch HT, it isn't enabled.
However, toggling it within HT is reflected on my track in Reaper as well.
Hmmm. I had to give it some thought (been a while since I wrote that part), but yeah, there is a reason for this. Arming in the track is not the same as arming in HT (even though arming in HT will lead to arming the track). Arming in HT also sets some other properties that allow MIDI messages being sent. Because this is a thing that changes the project in some way, I wanted to make the arming explicit rather than silently convert a track arm to a monitoring/ready to receive MIDI input arm. I do admit that this can be a bit confusing.

Originally Posted by hangnef View Post
I'm hitting an issue w/ re-sizing my pattern. After doing it the script exits... with some debugging prints I've narrowed it down to this block of code:

function tracker:tryPreviousItem()
if ( self.lastItem and #self.lastItem > 0 ) then
local tryItem = self.lastItem[#self.lastItem]
self.lastItem[#self.lastItem] = nil
if ( reaper.ValidatePtr2(0, tryItem, "MediaItem*") ) then
print ('tryPreviousItem')
self:terminate() <--------- exits here, seems to get hit 4 times
Resizing it from where? If you resize and glue from the arrange view, then that (at least used to be) "normal" behavior. The take handle temporarily disappears, so the tracker loses which one you're working on and closes. If you resize from HT and that happens, then that's weird. I've just tried here locally and here it doesn't seem to happen. Is it possible that there is anything special about this take that you're looking at in HT? Do you maybe have a small REAPER file with which to reproduce it?

I've also added some stuff to try and handle gluing from arrange just now.

I've added a short delay in which new attempts are made (for lack of a better way of detecting whether a glue is "done").

Between these attempts, the script defers back to REAPER while this is happening.

If you know of a better way to detect when a glued object is back or how to force reaper to update this stuff before returning control to the script, I'm all ears.

I've also added a fallback that if a pattern goes missing, it will try to find a nearby pattern to focus on. Note that this can happen if a glue takes particularly long. Again, I don't really see a better solution to this at the moment.

Also, I added the colors (tis a config toggle)
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