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Originally Posted by bjohn View Post
Well, nothing in Reaper at least.
I mean, if you zoom in far enough, you could probably use the take volume envelope to "draw" on the waveform, too. You still have to kind of guess what it's supposed to look like, or just try to draw something that looks (and hopefully sounds) smoother.

Sometimes, depending on the material, you can just EQ out some of the higher frequencies where the worst part of the clipping distortion lives.

But it only actually matters if it matters. If you play the mix and don't hear anything that bothers you, then there's not really anything to fix. A lot of times, if the signal is already distorted, a little extra clipping doesn't hurt so much. Similarly, if you're just going to distort it some more - whether that means amp sim or console/tape emulation - a couple of clipped peaks will sometimes kind of be masked and maybe even rounded off a little bit.

Honestly, that's one of the best ways to "fix" clipped signals: distort them more so it sounds like it was on purpose.
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