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Yes, its the same with mkvtoolnix. I'm pretty sure this can get called from inside of Reaper via Lua but there is a problem depending the split point. Those programs (mkvtoolnix, ffmpeg and avidDemux) need to split exactly at the (codec) key frames as they are the only true pictures in the video. But Reaper allows splitting everywhere because it creates representations of the interpolated frames. So this logical conflict needs to get around with to solve the "sending from inside Reaper to split without re-encode".

The workflow would look like this:
- Make splits in Reaper
- Calling the script to send to the external splitter (ffmpeg etc.)
- The script needs to find the next (same) keyframe where the external program is going to split.
- Script is sending the correct cut point and getting the split video
- The script also has to reload/replace the external split video on the track

That's all.
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