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I'm annoyed by the fact that most stuff in ReaPack don't seem to have any sort of (even short) description. (and I do understand why, it takes time to do that and most stuff is done for one specific need for one specific person)

This can make it difficult to find something you need without asking on the forum for is such and such thing available in ReaPack and with what name.

It would be wonderful if it was possible to crowd source those descriptions etc. because most coders can't be bothered to put the extra time in to make them for stuff that they publish in ReaPack.

Right now ReaPack is great if someone tells you the script that does what you need and you go get it from here, but unless you want to spam the forums with duplicate questions about stuff and would rather search from the ReaPack browser first for something that does what you need, it's not that useful really.

If it was possible to suggest edits for descriptions and other information, it wouldn't be absolutely necessary for the creator of the script to insert one.
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