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Regarding the original issue:

I just did a little bit of searching and found a software called "midiberry" that might (or might not) be helpful.


-> : "Have tested basic connectivity and the app just works. I haven't really put it thru its paces long term yet but I look forward to. I am using the yamaha MIDI/BT adapter with my yamaha wx5 and midiOX for breath controller mapping. even with multiple s/w layers latency is low enough for good response. Good Job!"

Moreover I found the "Yamaha UD BT01 Bluetooth MIDI for Usb" device that would allow for connecting a controller with a Midi over USB interface at the other site.

Moreover there is the the "Yamaha UD-WL01 Wireless LAN-Adapter" that uses WLAN instead of bloototh.

What would be helpful to connect a controller with a Midi over USB interface wirelessly to Reaper ?


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