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While I don't doubt this, C# and .NET have not been designed with realtime in mind, but for "office"-type of applications.
I agree but.... Some of the most intensive server apps in the world run on top of .NET with Native only reserved for stuff like accessing binary trees at the sector/offest level or audio drivers etc. because that is the type of low-level thing native is best at - it isn't really a server vs office app thing as it is "I need direct access to the hardware" thing or an "I need to be a little more fine grained and dangerous" thing but.... The app can have a couple of modules/DLLs that do that native piece and the other 95% be .NET and performant.

To your point though, yes there would be a risk of latency up through those abstraction layers when doing this via .NET/UWP vs native. That isn't because the code can't run fast it's because it's being translated through multiple layers of code.
If it requires a null test to find it, it is by definition minuscule.

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