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FWIW I have one and, knock wood, haven't had any issues with it.

I bought it primarily because it was the cheapest controller that allowed me to send Bank Select MSB/LSB and Program Change messages with a single button push and that had a physical MIDI Out port.

I don't like the keys. I like my old Roland D-5 better! The action is ok, but the size is a nuisance, with there being less leverage on the black keys. It seems far easier for me to miss a key, or not press one down because I'm too far on the back of the key (and I have small hands).

I gigged with mine for about 2 years. About all that happened was, at first I didn't have a case and the little knobs came off the sliders. I lost them in the car, or on the stage, or somewhere. So right now, 4 of my 9 faders don't have knobs on them! They come off way too easy.

I'm not crazy about the USB connection, which is very snug and makes me feel like it's going to rip the jack out our push it in.

I did have a stand collapse on me once and it broke a little piece off the power on switch but it still works. That was my own stupid fault though.

The software is rudimentary at best, but it works for me. I had to learn how to program SysEx messages to get some things to work and again, it has worked great for that. I used multiple control maps for different settings when we did a big show that required lots of control over a number of keyboards that changed settings during the performance. It worked great.

So I feel like I at least got my money's worth out of it.

I did put duct tape on it to mark stuff, and then when pulling it off left tons of residue. Now my Eb4 and E4 keys are "sticky" seeming when you press them and I'm afraid some duct tape debris might have fallen down inside.

I was a little taken aback by the price difference between the 300 500 and 800 because it's really just more keys - the features are the same. I had a used 500 for a while and moved up to the 800 once I was sure it could do everything I needed it to do.

9/10 for my particular use.

Would I rather have a lot more features and a lot better build quality? You betcha. But ain't nobody gonna make that for no $500.00.
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