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Straight wire is best, and balanced is even better, unless it causes a ground loop.

I actually have a passive DI that I hacked to take the transformer out, pass balanced TRS or "pseudo balanced" TS >XLR, and include both the pad and the ground lift just in case. I think I've been doing the fully balanced thing lately, though TS works fine, too.

You might be able to get away with just a TS or TRS>XLR cable but they don't include the ground lift switch for when there's a problem. TS>XLR pseudo-balanced handles that issue IF it works with your interface.

TS from interface to a passive DI would be my last resort. It will work, is almost idiot-proof, is generally ubiquitous so you don't (usually) have to carry your own, but I hate the volume drop and just generally don't trust transformers.

A headphone output would work, but you're going to want to split the stereo signal out. You can't can't just wire TRS>XLR straight through as though it was a balanced connection.

I personally run mono for my live rig, but always send both L and R out to the house just in case there's some random problem with one of the connections, the FOH engineer can just mute it and use the other one without losing anything.
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