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Thanks, Remco Z!

well, actually, if understood you correctly, then, I guess, I`ve found it. In the automation menu there`s an option on every button "Learn". The only thing left is to get midi controller, assign knobs and see what kind of latency there will be
Yep. Select the parameter. Wiggle the control you want to assign it to. Hit OK.

FYI, this is all stored in the reaper-kb.ini file in the Reaper resource folder in your Library/Application Support folder.

There will be no latency for the controls.

I have dueling wi-fi systems with an iPad on remote desktop and MIDI controllers over a wi-fi/USB hub. I can 2 finger scroll a fader on the iPad and the Faderport fader moves right along with it. That's round trip over 2 wi-fi systems.
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