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Hello! I`m actually a guitarist and since I use lots of effects, my pedalboard became too complicated, and not transportable for every gig, so that I sold most of my hardware effects, as soon as an idea to make performances with PC struck me. Well, I also was inspired by some fellows that already do it. Guitar processors don`t fit my needs for some reasons. So VST only. I tried almost everything unless Ableton, and still Reaper is better. I read several threads overhere about how to organize it. Live config doesn`t work (maybe because my host is 64 bit, and it said it won`t work with it). The only thing that works is switching snapshots, which is pretty convenient, but the delay is unacceptable. The silence between snapshots is about 1,5 secs, which is very notticeable and unpleasant. Is there any other ways to use Reaper in that way? Maybe smb knows, or even uses it so. I don`t need automation, I prefer switching presets via midi footswitch.
I use Reaper for live guitar performance (as musician) as well as live sound production (as FOH engineer).

Yep, MIDI controllers! Foot and/or otherwise.

Assign the various plugin and Reaper board parameters to comfortable controllers and off you go.

Snapshots would not be the way to go. You need controllers that let you get your hands/feet right on the controls just like analog devices.
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