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Well, in fact , I use a single Amplitube sound/preset per song (clean , or dist , or crunch)
Not much tweaking/changing sounds in different sections of the songs are required (It's a simple pop-rock project).
However , it might happen that a delay , or flanger , needs to be on a certain precise part & switched off again .
Being no "official live guitar-player", I don't have a midi-floor-controller (nor the bucks to buy one ^^ ) and I'm going to look into midi-learning 2 available keyboard-pedal/switches... when I have a little bit more time.
But since the project has sequenced keyboards + an e-drum loop (fixed structure) anyway , so I automated the few delay and/or flanger with simple on/off points .
If I need a slight boost , single coil/double coil switch on the guitar itself does the job for now .

Ye , I found out that Reaper allows not only to open multiple projects , but also to play them back simultaneously ... Multitask audio-engine ^^ .
Beware : behaves the same for the "Active" (or monitor-open) live tracks & monitoring.
for ex. , I had the microphone track "Active"on 8 different songs, though only one was in focus & got a nasty feedback.
Better have the project saved with unactive live tracks.
(may be OK for an E-GTR , but with mic's and Electro-acoustic gtr ... it's very risky)

When the goal is just to play along a fixed song , not a big deal for me to load new tab , press play (8bars countdown) & quickly mouse-activate in TCP the 3 tracks. GTR + mic 1 + mic 2 ... and go

To force each tab/song to stop playback @ the end , it's important to set the time selection for the whole song when you save project . There's the option in pref's somewhere to "Stop playback @ end of time selection". That must be ticked .

EDIT : And about the "get a Mac"-thing ...*cough* that's a debate I never could understand.^^

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