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Afternoon all,

There are 2 new video series added to the channel today:

1. Sequencing midi drums with Reaper (part 1)

Sequencing Drums Part 1 for Cockos Reaper DAW shows you how to set up the virtual instrument, route it through multi-channel and parent the tracks.

Utilizing Toontrack's EZ Drummer 2, Paul guides you through the process of creating your first simple drum beat. He also touches upon the use of velocity to add more dynamics to the beat as well as increasing the complexity of the beat.

Although this series uses Reaper and EZ Drummer 2, the principals should translate to any DAW without too much of a problem.

2. Reaper Quick Tips: Hide Inactive Takes

Cockos Reaper Quick Tips: This short video tip shows you how to quickly and easily show or hide your inactive takes in a recording / mixing session.

A great way to de-clutter your session without losing the ability to go back and swap takes later.


Please feel free to comment, like and Subscribe to the YouTube Channel and be kept up to date when the next video is added :0)
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