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I know the Hybrid theme and do like it, but still I am more efficient working with Realax.
Your combos of M/S/io/fx buttons with not space between are truly unique. The space between the buttons which all other themes have is a lost space - you cannot click on it and you must exert certain effort to click inside the button... you utilize the entire space, which is superior.

And generally the less graphics in the GUI the more attention goes for music - still the Hybrid theme is fancier than Realax, ie. a little more distracting for me.

Even with Realax I can dream about even more flat fxlists and sendlist (lazy to do them for myself - I can imagine how much work it is to finish the graphics in every detail ... I admit I invested two hours in it and gave it up).

The only thing I had to tune in Realax was the readability of labels of muted sends mcp.sendlist when the send level is low. The same thing was fixed yesterday in Hybrid 1.0.6 based on my comment.
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