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Hi "reapercurious" thanks for the input, but that was a post from a long time ago. If you go to the end of the thread, you will see the current topic. As for waves- I found the mgmt was arrogant and not one bit helpful. And I for one was not about to spend a 1000 bucks just to see that I was dealing with a bunch of buttheads on a product I never used before. So, this the reason for starting that tops about 6 months ago. Some very helpful folks here did find some decent processing via reaper. But now, I am trying to step it up a notch with expanding and broadening the sound. Thatīs what weīre trying to figure out now. There is a "what I want" link (the new one - not the old one) that I posted today. And also a "what I have" link that features my demos. Just wondering if we can match that broad sound via some plug in that anyone knows of- within Reaper itself or another that I can buy and install in Reaper.

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