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Thanks Avatar- but those original files are old news really. Tod, Airon and some of the other guys here were able to create some nice plug-in packages via Reaper. My thread update would be the most recent posts. As for "making it sound good" good isn't always enough in the VO industry- and what is good anyway? Good to a musician may not be good to a client who wants a voice for their business and possibly even more so for a national brand. There is a standard in the Vo industry, and the example I provided with regard to the "what I want" sound in the initial thread and this recent one- meets that standard.

Anyway, now that we have kinda gotten close to that sound with the initial help way back about 6 months ago- I am trying to build on it even more with a new example of "what I want" which you will find just a few posts ago. Just wanting to really broaden the sound like in the "what I want" link I posted a bit earlier. Thanks for the help!
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