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I have an Oxygen 49 I just got and have a question. I was able to quickly and easily map all the transport controls, sliders, and knobs I wanted for the initial setup - just basic mappings for the sliders and pan knobs to tracks 1-8. I also mapped the pads below the slider to mute and the 9th slider to the master. All is well it seems.

When I initially setup the sliders and knobs they were set to Relative and would jump when I tried to use them. Just a slight twist of a knob and track pan in Reaper would jump hard right or left and not adjust properly. So I changed cc for these to Absolute and that seems to work, Reaper knobs track to the Oxygen adjustments.

Then I looked on the forum for some more tips and found in a couple threads the recommendation to set knobs and sliders to Relative mode so they don't jump around. That is exactly opposite to my experience. Is there something else I need to do to get these to work correctly in Relative mode? For me, in Relative mode they simply were not usable.

Also, I am using the "Track: Set pan for track X" action. I noticed there is also a "Track: Link volume/pan controls to MIDI volume/pan controls" action. I don't understand the difference or how exactly a single link action would work for both volume/pan. Maybe that is the one I want and not the track pan I am using?
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