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Originally Posted by politcat View Post
i've only been able to get in here for a few minutes at a time but...

basically, instead of trying to create fast non-mouse access to all tracks, fx etc i now have the axiom functions focused on one track at a time. i use the pc kybd to quickly scroll to and select a track. everything i do on the axiom is now directed at that one track alone

like pads to show fx, sends, or fx parameters separately (actually show for all tracks). rwd and fwd to cycle thru, select and float plugins (float one at a time or keep them all open). pads for bypass fx, solo, mute, vol to zero, env mode. and of course knobs for vol, pan, width and plugin parameters on focused track and plugin

ok i have to get working
ya, that's more the workflow i would have. maybe i would get one patch to go nuts like that on selected track, and then another patch would be more for whatever i midi learn to a parameter. maybe still keeping track volume on fader, and maybe pan and pan width on first two knobs and rest of knobs for VST midi learnt parameters.
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